Moonstone writes and produces it's own work

Current plays are Carter Davies - Secret Agent , Final Curtain and new for 2019 "Dead on Arrival"

"Dead on Arrival"

New for 2019 is our original Classic Period Whodunit "Dead on Arrival". It is March 1935 and a man is found dead on the train as it pulls into Sidmouth on it's way down from Waterloo. The passengers who shared a compartment with the dead man are asked to stay in the Waiting Room until Detective Chief Inspector Appleby arrives to take charge of the case. 

The play had its opening night to a full house at the Manor Pavilion Theatre on the 2nd March.

Carter Davies - Secret Agent a play that lets you:

Relive radio’s Golden Age by presenting a live broadcast of one episode of a period radio thriller which transports you back to a time of tantalising adventure serials, derring-do heroes and evil villains. However, these aren’t the only protagonists with a tale to tell. The radio actors have an agenda, too …

Theatrical Performance Carter Davies

Our second play Final Curtain premiered at the Manor Pavilion Sidmouth on the 4th March 2017 . 

March 1932 - renowned actor Sir Lawrence Middleton comes to Sidmouth with his theatre company to present a play at the Manor Pavilion but all is not well and it is not long before tragedy strikes. Luckily, Detective Chief Inspector Charles Appleby is on hand to investigate!